What Is Paper Shredding: On Site Shredding

Posted by Dustin Rushing on Sep 11, 2018 11:31:03 AM
Dustin Rushing

Your company's information is at risk to identity thieves and hackers.  Businesses all over are protecting their sensitive information by destroying confidential documents in the workplace by utilizing professional document destruction services like Louisiana Shred.

What Is Business Paper Shredding

Business Paper Shredding is also know as Onsite Document Destruction.  Onsite document destruction is the act of destroying sensitive paper documents through the method of cross-cut commercial shredders.  Shredding business documents can help prevent identity thieves and hackers from obtaining sensitive information and using it for malicious intentions.

Businesses must comply with state and federal regulations on destroying confidential information in the workplace. 

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What Are Different Types of Sensitive Documents

The different types of sensitive documents that need to be shredded in the workplace can be paper document with information containing:

  • Employee Information
  • Medical Records
  • Tax Records
  • Pay Stubs
  • Vendor Information
  • Client or Customer Information

Why Companies Should Use Professional Shredding

Instead of having your employees take the time to shred the documents, save time, money and liability with our shredding service. You won't have to remove staples, straighten up the sheets of paper, worry about disposing of the shredded documents or maintaining a shredder.

Simply place the documents in locked boxes and we'll set up a schedule to pick up the boxes or send our mobile unit to shred the documents on your premises. You'll also receive a certificate stating that your documents have been properly shredded and will be discarded in an appropriate manner.

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