How Shredding Sensitive Documents Benefits Your Company

Posted by Dustin Rushing on Oct 2, 2018 10:31:17 AM
Dustin Rushing

The benefits of mobile shredding services, whether for business or personal, are many. Documents that contain even light sensitive information such as your mailing address can give identity thieves the upper hand, making it easier to access your sensitive information and steal your identity.

If you, as a resident, do not shred personal documents and junk mail and an identity thief happens to get hold of information from a business that includes your social security number, it is easier to access your accounts and disrupt our security.

Benefits of shredding sensitive business documents include:

  • The peace of mind knowing that your documents have been destroyed.

  • Save you time and money on buying and operating expensive paper shredders, and using a third party mobile shredding company near your organization or home saves you time. And, as every business knows, time is money.

  • You won't have to pay an employee to shred.

  • The shredded documents are recycled.  This keeps landfills from filling up and there is no chance of identity thieves recovering data once the paper has been recycled.

  • Businesses must follow compliance laws that include confidentially shredding documents.

  • The recycled paper means that fewer trees are needed to produce more paper.

  • You won't have a ton of loose documents hanging around and taking up space. And, if those documents must be kept under lock and key, they won't be taking up room in filing cabinets since we provide locked boxes to store any documents that need to be shredded.

  • Our document consoles provide employees quick access to dispose of sensitive information in the office.

  • Mobile shredding provides a one time shredding service for residential homes that may have many old documents that need to be disposed of at once, but don't produce documents constantly like an office does. And if an office has a one-time purge because of the length it needs to keep those documents, you do not have to set up a schedule.

Certificate of Destruction

Carolina Shred belongs to the Mobile Shredding Association. We are certified because we have the proper security in place and our shredders and mobile shredders are complaint with the types of shredding you need for confidential and secret documents.

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