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Posted by Dustin Rushing on May 9, 2019 9:00:00 AM
Dustin Rushing

Many people may assume that residential shredding isn't as important as commercial shredding. They may think that a major company has far more to protect than the standard citizen. But this train of thought is exactly what leads to the nearly 60 million reported cases of identity theft in America. From medical to financial fraud, there are an infinite number of ways for criminals to take advantage of your documents. To make matters worse, it doesn't take much for criminals to start unwinding your life story. A stray receipt or an old bill from your doctor may be all they need to start chipping away at your information. Residential paper shredding gives you a chance to purge your information so it can't be found. As a bonus, it can help you declutter your home or garage.  

Benefits of Mobile Shredding for Home Shredding

Mobile shredding can be a huge help for busy people who may not have the time to drive to a facility. If your time is valuable to you, mobile shredding makes it possible to strike a task off your to-do list that has likely been there for a while. During mobile shredding, you know exactly what's happening with your information. If you choose Louisiana Shred, we give you the boxes and you fill them with all of your most sensitive documents. When you're considering what document to shred, keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Credit reports

  • Receipts
  • Pay stubs
  • Boarding passes
  • Medical bills
  • Prescription labels

If you use your pet's name for any of your passwords or security questions, you should destroy all items with their name on it as well. When our work is done, with give you a certificate of destruction. You can watch our process as it's completed, so you're certain there's no chance of the information being lost or stolen. Our company monitors each and every step of the process so you can rest easy about who has access to your information. 

Risk of Home Shredders

At-home shredding can build up after a while, resulting in piles of papers that sit for years on end. People may tackle the problem a little at a time, which can ultimately make the task even more daunting. It's far more efficient to use residential shredding for document disposal. It's fast, efficient, and easy to arrange. Document destruction by way of a standard home shredder is not only time-consuming, but it also may not be as safe as you think it is. Criminals can piece the information back together if you're not using the right destruction method. The right shredding services will provide a cross-cut pattern that can't be put back together before securely disposing of the remains of your documents.

Contacting Louisiana Shred for Shredding Services

We help everyone with their shredding services, regardless of what they're looking for. Whether you live by yourself in an apartment or run a Fortune 500 company, we know how important it is to protect people's data. We can schedule a one-time service to take care of documents that have piled up over the past decade. Or we can come to you every month, so you never have to worry about things getting out of control again. If you have questions about our process or want to learn how we keep your information so secure, give us a call today to see how our services work. We're here to help you keep your information organized, so there's no chance of anyone finding it down the line. 

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