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Posted by Dustin Rushing on Mar 26, 2019 9:00:00 AM
Dustin Rushing

Professionals in law firms already know the importance of privacy and confidentiality. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FACTA) is a serious set of regulations designed to prevent identity theft from the more vulnerable institutions. Under the law, firms are required to provide a written plan to prevent crime and update that plan accordingly as modern threats emerge and evolve. Staff must not only be thoroughly trained on these programs, but organizations also need to provide sufficient oversight to service providers on site. 

Part of FACTA is ensuring that all sensitive materials have been destroyed. Onsite document shredding is when a Carolina Shred truck comes to your place of business or residence, so you don't have to make the trip. You can use shredding services for anything from physical media (e.g., hard drives, CDs, zip disks, etc.) to X-rays to receipts. Not only does this service save you time, but it also ensures total transparency during the shredding process.

You can watch our workers shred all of your documents so you can be confident the data was destroyed. Onsite shredding helps you meet your legal compliance needs while freeing up the time of your staff.

Business Documents You Should Shred

Criminals have become experts at extracting value from even the most seemingly harmless information. One document with a pet's name on it can be the key to guessing someone's login password. One receipt with partial credit card numbers can be enough to run an identity theft scam. Resumes, receipts, legal testimonies, test results, credit reports, prescription labels, pay stubs: all of these documents contain data that could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Law firms go through too much evidence and physical data to take a chance. 

Different Mobile Shredding Options

Louisiana Shred offers a variety of services so you can customize your shredding needs:

  • One-time purge: Perfect for clients with limited shredding needs, this service gets rid of all your documents in one fell swoop. You can do it once every year or once every decade.

  • Scheduled shredding: Businesses that generate thousands of shreddable documents and media every month can opt for regularly scheduled shredding services. 
  • Mobile shredding: If you want the utmost transparency, mobile shredding provides a proverbial open book. Use this option when you want to feel completely confident that your most sensitive data has been destroyed.  

How Shredding Documents Benefits Your Company

Shredding documents is not only time-consuming, but it's also counterproductive. Staff that could be making money for your company are tasked with destroying hundreds of documents. In addition, your shredder may not meet FACTA compliance laws. If the document can be put back together by a particularly desperate or opportunistic thief, you may still be held liable for any ensuing theft. Regulation standards become more and more rigid as technology improves. 

Professional shredding services from Louisiana Shred use a cross-cut pattern that makes it virtually impossible for reconstruction. In addition, our technicians go through a serious background check so you can trust that your information will be protected until its destruction. You get total peace of mind from beginning to end. 

Contacting Louisiana Shred for Shredding Services

Louisiana Shred is here to meet your shredding needs, regardless of the volume or nature of your data. Our professional equipment and staff make us a natural choice for law firms who want to improve their FACTA compliance. Timely, reliable, and above all, accurate, we look forward to serving the responsible homeowners and business owners of the community. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a quote!

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