Choosing a Mobile Shredding Company

Posted by Dustin Rushing on May 21, 2019 9:00:00 AM
Dustin Rushing

When it comes to choosing a mobile shredding company, you need an organization that takes security seriously. Criminals may not be hiding in your trash cans just waiting for you to throw out the wrong document, but the threat of identity theft is very real. Medical and insurance fraud continues to rise in many areas of the country, and no one can afford to be cavalier with their data in the virtual age. Every year, unsuspecting people end up devoting hours or even days of their life trying to sort out the effects of information theft. Find out more about how shredding services works, and why mobile shredding is a convenient and safe solution to a universal problem. 

Key Benefits of Mobile Shredding

One of the key benefits of mobile shredding is that you don't have to drive anywhere. When piles of papers begin to accumulate all over your home, you can call a company to drive over and take care of the mess. If you choose Louisiana Shred for your mobile paper shredding, our first step is to send boxes to store your sensitive files and information. You fill them up and then lock the boxes so there's no chance of anyone else viewing your medical, financial, or personal data. Once we have the documents in hand, we'll transfer those boxes to our truck where they can be securely shredded. 

During this time, you have a chance to watch us while we work. It gives our clients peace of mind to monitor their documents, especially when you consider just how destructive the right piece of information can be in the wrong hands. When you choose a company who cares about privacy from start to finish, you should look for someone who doesn't take any chances. We destroy all of your papers in a crisscross pattern, so there's virtually no chance of the papers being pieced back together.

Once we're done, you get a certificate of destruction to file away. This can save you a lot of confusion or even panic later on down the line. All you have to do check the certificate of destruction, and you'll know what was shredded and when it was destroyed. Louisiana Shred does more than just mobile data shredding though, we also take care of your electronic information.

Old hard drives or electronic devices typically won't have the strongest protections against hackers. Criminals have become exceptionally savvy at hacking into a variety of machinery. If you're looking for mobile hard drive shredding, we have a destruction process that will ensure no one can get their hands (or eyes) on any of your digital data.  

Contacting Louisiana Shred for Shredding Services

Mobile shredding services can end up being a surprisingly fulfilling choice for commercial business owners and everyday people alike. It's a responsible thing you can do to protect yourself, your family, and your future. And when you consider the fact that even an old receipt can end up being a weapon in a criminal's hands, it's clear that everyone has a need for this service. If you're looking for mobile shredding services that can keep up with your files and documents, we can help. We have the commercial equipment to handle even the heaviest of volumes. Whether you want to schedule routine services or just need a one-time purge, we're here to help. Give us a call today to see how you can use our services to keep yourself safe. 

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